Hamlet by William Shakespeare Title: Hamlet Text Type: Play, tragedy Author: William Shakespeare Time: Between 1599 and 1602 William Shakespeare’s Hamlet entails a timelessness and universality to which anyone can relate  – even 400 years after the tragedy was written. Hamlet is the prince of Denmark who plans to avenge his father’s murder, but his madness and indecision lead the play […]

Title: Stranger Things Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers Text Type: Television programme Created by: The Duffer Brothers Released: On Netflix, July 15 2016   For not being much of a science fiction fan, Stranger Things, the brainchild of the Duffer brothers Matt and Ross, has blown me away and it’s safe to say […]

Long-summer scorched, my surfing children Catch random waves or thump in dumpers, Whirling, gasping, tossed disjointed. I watching, fear they may be broken – That all those foaming limbs will never Re-assemble whole, together. All under such a peaceful sky. All under such another sky   The pictures show some village children Caught at random, […]

Title: Lost in Translation Text Type: Film Directed and written by Sophia Coppola Released: 5th February 2004   Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson, and a recent graduate of philosophy and newly married, follow her photographer husband to Tokyo on his business trip. At the same hotel that Charlotte stays at, Bob, played by Bill Murray, […]

Title: The Alchemist Text type: Novel Author: Paulo Coelho Published: 1988   I took it upon myself to read the Alchemist because I got the impression of it being a classic must-read book with a near cult-status after people continuously referring to it: this prompted a curiosity within me to find out what the novel […]

Title: Imagine Text Type: Lyrics Artist: John Lennon Released: 1971 (IMPORTANT: Before reading this, note that I am not meaning to offend or discriminate anyone’s religion or beliefs, I am simply making a personal reflection on how I think religion affects me and may or may not affect other people in society.) The iconic classic “Imagine” written […]